Head Office: 92 Drew Road Chisipite Harare, Zimbabwe Email: info@solten.co.zw Tel: +263 242 499 019

Our Services

Types of loans we offer

Pay day loans

We offer short term loans of a period 35 days or less payable at every pay day.

Consumption loans

For those falling short of monthly home budgets. This product is for you

Cross boarder loans

For those who are into cross boarder business, get in touch with us for financing.

Agriculture loans

For those who are falling short of farming inputs. We are here to serve.

Educational loans

For you to bridge the gap of your finances. Get a study loan for your child or relative.

Manufacturing loans

We are a partner for success in all business endeavours you set to do.

Funeral loans

Make your relative's funeral a memorable day. Get an instant loan for the event

Wedding loans

Make your wedding a memorable day. Get an instant loan for the event

Top Ups

Available to clients with running loans.

Money Transfers


Cash in and cash out.

For all your inbound transactions.


Receive money from abroad.


Coming soon..

Our collection policies

  • SSB
  • Pensions
  • POSB debit orders
  • Cash Payments
  • Eco cash
  • Bank transfers.
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